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Update by user Feb 24, 2012

This dude claims to be a web designer also. He is probably selling templates. He has several blogs and websites. Just a scammer from what I can tell. He spends more time online arguing with people that he has pissed off than he does actually repairing cameras or responding to customer complaints.

I used paypal so after hearing nothing about an order confirmation and not getting emails answered I just went through paypal to get my money back. Then all of a sudden he wanted to start giving me info about my order!!

What a piece of work this guy is, on top of that he is very rude and defensive. He blames his poor work on others being deficient when he is the one with a deficiency!

Go to site jabber and see all the pissed folks for yourself. He accuses anyone that says something bad of being a \"fake customer\" but I think HE is the one giving himself good reviews. There\'s no way this liar rates 3.5 stars. That\'s laughable!

Original review posted by user Jan 24, 2012

Avoid like the plague.This dude is so sly he thinks.

He will get your camera and then you will be lucky if ou ever see it again according to some of his past customers. . I tried to order a part from him. Got no response after he got my money.

Canceled the payment and suddenly he wants to talk and get all defensive.

You are better off trying to repair your own cameras etc. I ordered the part directly from the company and was treated nicely.

They even sent emails telling me they got my order and another saying it had been shipped.Some people just don't know how to do business or treat customers!

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From Buyer - Jay

4/27/2012 08:57 PDT


I placed an order from for a camera LCD screen on 18th April 2012. I got an email saying that they will send me the shipping details. But no email or communications received after that. On 7th day I send an email to know the status. there was no reply at all even after 3 working day. This is not fair at all. I would like to get my money back on this scenario. I trusted PayPal while paying and it seems like I can not even trust PayPal merchants. I would appreciate any help from PayPal regarding this.

Thanking you


Date 04/27/2012 11:54 AM EST


From Seller -

5/3/2012 12:55 PDT

Hi, sorry for the delay with your order I'm trying to get caught up as best I can. I run a small shop, I have one employee and answer the phone myself all day long as best I can. I now have a friend helping a few hours a week with emails.

I am having your LCD overnighted to me here and will ship it out for you tomorrow, and email you the shipping information.

Paypal has nothing to do with how quickly I can respond or if I can afford help with emails. Nobody from Paypal will ever read this, it's all automatic.

Your shipping information will be posted tomorrow.




6.55PM (EST) 03MAy2012



Thanking you



From Seller -

5/4/2012 14:30 PDT

Thank you, Jayan for immature reply. I'm so sorry that I'm not perfect in every way like you obviously are. I guess no business anywhere has ever had a problem with an order, EVER.

I was going to ship your item today as previously stated, but now I would prefer to NOT have any money from you, or ever have any sort of contact with you. You may enjoy your HUGE sum of $44.97 and your broken camera. Sorry for trying to help with the repair.

Your "clear answer" is that I will refund your purchase via Paypal, and you may take your attitude elsewhere. You can contact anyone you like, and spend whatever "expenses" you like, we will pay you NOT ONE CENT more than the purchase price of your LCD screen.

YOU choose what you want to spend money on, and you do it. We have no control over your "expenses" nor will we take responsibility for them.

Understand this: the BBB is a company that is out to make money, and NOTHING more. They charge businesses money and register complaints. That is ALL they do. The BBB has no power to do anything for anyone. Why would they? Whatever you do, DON'T do any research for yourself into the BBB and learn what they really are, just keep on believing they are run by the government or whatever it is you believe.

Have a super day, and enjoy your broken camera. =)


07:25PM (EST) 04APR2012


Thank you, Thomas/

I really appreciate your immediate refund as per your reply through paypal platform. I will be checking my account and I should get the refund within 3 banking days.

I don't have any other comments for you though I know what I should make.

Thank you again



From Seller -

5/5/2012 20:27 PDT

You may make any comments you like.

If I had charged you $145 instead of $45 then I could afford more help. Does that sound like a good deal? No, that's why I don't gouge like every electronics store you see. Wonder how they can afford millions of dollars in advertising etc? Its because they charge you $80 for an item that cost them $1.

Guess I should gouge my customers so they will be happy. Oh wait, I don't want to be a *** like Best Buy and rip people off, sorry to disappoint.

From Seller -

5/7/2012 14:46 PDT

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After almost a year, no camera and no money.


Report him to the BBB, it seems that the only thing that shakes him up and gets his attention. He's obviously scared of the BBB

I just want my camera back and a refund. Or he can keep the camera and pay me the fair market value for the camera at the time he received it. Instead he ignores my wife and I. When we email him through another email about a new repair he responses the same day. Since he has our camera and our money, he now ignores us.


Add me to the list of people who Darntoothysam has ripped off.There is no doubt that he makes the positives on sitejabber.

I emailed many of the people who posted positives and go no responses at all. I did that to see if any users were maybe real. He never responds so I'm sure it's him. He did not give me my camera back and this has been going on for 8 long months now.

He ignores my emails but when I emailed from a different email and said I wanted to place order he responded. What a creep the guy running the place is. His wife is on ripoff report with her site too: it's also a mixup of letters for her name. Darntoothysam is a pretty *** name fir a camera place.

What on earth is an artladymanor? I think the guy really needs some help.

I wrote off my camera and the credit card can't get my money back now since I waited too long to notify them.I wonder how this guy can sleep at night.


Thanks JS so much for the update!!I had no clue he had made himself another website!

He seems to be good at hiding behind websites. On site jabber someone posted all his silly "blogs". He is such a joke! I know BBB had him at an F- because he refuses to settle disputes like an adult and instead acts like a spoiled child with ADD, lol.

I am pretty sure the average person with a small set of screw drivers can do just as well if not better then this loser.

He is so odd, darntoothysam was just a rearranging of the letters in his name Thomas Drayton.SO you can see who he really cares about, HIMSELF!



He did the same thing to me and RIPPED ME OFF!

He tried blaming me and when that didn't work he tried to put me down saying it's all my fault. Excuse me but I just sent you my camera to be fixed. He says that noe I'm going to pay more somewhere else. Really? At least another place will actually fix it. I contacted the BBB and they warned that hd is now using the new name

Thomas Drayton needs anger management. Everything was my fault when I did nothing wrong. I sent the guy my camera last year. Go anywhere but this place!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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