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This guy Thomas has ripped of so many honest people to include my wife and I. We have found countless victims throughout the Internet of people Darntoothysam has ripped off. And what a *** name for a website, we should have know it was a scam. He is almost impossible to reach and if you ever reach the guy he either makes up a world of excuses and if you get upset he rants on how he's a small shop and he can't afford to hire a call center in Indua to answer the calls and how he could charge us $100 more it he did. Well blah blah and blah, you have stringed us along with your lies, NO MORE, GIVE US BACK OUR *** CAMERA.

Don't go through what we did! Here is the information you need to know:

Thomas has changed to a new website called since he has ripped off too many people already with the Darntoothysam name. How did we find out about the new name? The Better Business Bureau already has a file on the new name. Read his BBB report on the old new and all of the complaints on the new name already, the Better Business Bureau doesn't lie!

To file a complaint on him (I'd suggest doing this fast if he has your camera), the BBB is used to helping victims of this guy, just get a BBB complaint made fast. Do this if he doesn't respond or if he makes excuses on delays.

You can notify the BBB at this link:

I'm here to help people who need it. The guy screamed at me telling me how it's all my fault and how he can't do everything and it's just him and one guy that helps him. Yet he keeps taking more people's cameras. Also, there are reports all over the web that he charges the customers credit cards and doesn't send the parts and just ignores the customers once he has their payment. TELL YOUR CREDIT CARD COMPANY AND THEY WILL GET YOUR MONEY BACK FAST AND DOCUMENT THIS AWFUL EXCUSE OF A BUSINESS.

Monetary Loss: $300.

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I was ripped off as well.Ordered a part that was supposedly available, over a week later tried contacting them by phone which they say on a recording they don't respond to, but will respond to email.

I emailed and they said they would get back to me in two days. I will get money back from CC company as well as file formal complaint with them along with BBB. BELIEVE EVERY BAD REVIEW YOU HAVE READ! DO NOT GET TAKEN BY THIS THEIF!



Darntoothysam also ripped me off.

Going to the BBB to get help.

Anybody who he's scammed and then ignores should report it to the BBB.

DARNTOOTHYSAM IS TERRIBLE AND NIT HONEST. he said it would be about a week to fix my camera so I paid him. Now he simply ignores me and I have no camera and the creep has my money too. REPORT HIM TO RHE BBB PEOPLE. he's done this to way to many of us.


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